On planned obsolescence of light bulbs and other household products sold in the EU 

André Kauper
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Dies ist eine Online-Petition of the European Parliament.


The petitioner objects to the prevalence of non-reparable products sold in the Single Market, and calls upon the limitation of manufacturers’ freedom to produce goods with a strategy of planned obsolescence. The petitioner refers to the example of light bulbs with a limited luminescence duration, and coffee machines made with cheap components which can neither be replaced nor fixed by the manufacturers and resellers. The petitioner is concerned that this manner of production and consumption is neither favourable to consumers, nor to the environment, and will result in the worsening of environmental and climate change problems. He qualifies the commercial practices underlying this trend as cartel-like, and calls upon a new regulatory strategy to protect the consumer and the environment.

Thank you for your support, André Kauper

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