On behalf of Association for the Free Speech Anna Politkovskaya, on the unfinished Ongosta dam in Bulgaria  

Асоциация на свободното слово “Анна Политковская” и Национално движение „Екогласност”
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The petitioner calls for an urgent intervention claiming that there have been instances of unacceptable presence of water under the Ongosta dam wall, the second largest in the Balkan Peninsula. He alleges that 21 Bulgarian settlements will suffer, and that water is entering up to 60 km in Romania. The petitioner claims that even before the launching of the dam, there were failures, such as the incomplete construction of a comprehensive injection curtain under the dam. Today, following the recent closure of the main closed loop hydraulic system at the main outlet, significant quantities of water are present in the exhaust channel, which is reasonably supposed to demonstrate the growing influence of the unbuilt injection curtain.

Thank you for your support, Асоциация на свободното слово “Анна Политковская” и Национално движение „Екогласност”

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