On alleged disregard of cruel treatment of animals by municipal authorities in Klaipėda (Lithuania) 

Esu Klaipėdos miesto savivaldybės seniūnaitė
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Dies ist eine Online-Petition of the European Parliament.


The petitioner is concerned about cruel treatment of animals allegedly supported by Klaipėda municipality in Lithuania. Klaipėda municipality has concluded an agreement with the limited responsibility company „Nuaras“ on treatment of stray animals in Klaipėda city. The petitioner claims that for more than 20 years 'Nuaras' continues to cruelly mistreat animals. Despite of multiple and persistent protests of citizens and animal protection organisations requesting to terminate the contractual arrangements with „Nuaras“, the municipality allocates responsibility for the treatment and care of stray animals in Klaipėda to the same service provider. In view of the petitioner this practice violates Article 13 of the TFEU as well as national and international legal norms on treatment of animals as sentient beings adhered to by Lithuania.

Thank you for your support, Esu Klaipėdos miesto savivaldybės seniūnaitė

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