On the application of Regulation (EC) No 833/2004 on the coordination of social security systems in the EU 

Elena Blanco Fuente
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Dies ist eine Online-Petition of the European Parliament.


The petitioner complains that from May 2020, owing to Regulation (EC) No 833/2004, she will be obliged to pay social security contributions in the country where she carries out her professional activity (Portugal), despite the fact that the country in which she declares her taxes and in which she was taken on is Spain, as she is a national civil servant moved under voluntary mobility. She states that this will seriously damage her life and that of all staff affected by this Regulation. She believes that it will result in a considerable drop in her net salary, pensions and social benefits, given that the social security conditions in Portugal are not the same those in Spain. What is more, it will also change their acquired rights, such as not being able to receive treatment if they are hospitalised or seriously ill in their country of origin. She takes the view that the Regulation should not be applied retroactively or, in any case, taxpayers should be able to choose where they pay social security contributions so that they can keep whichever option is most beneficial.

Thank you for your support, Elena Blanco Fuente

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