On behalf of the association “Katharos Kalamas”, on the quality of the waters of the Kalamas river 

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The petitioner reports that the drainage of the Ioannina basin is done through the open basin of Lapsistas, which then ends in a closed tunnel, from which the water flows into the Kalamas river.The petitioner claims that the Lapsistas basin is heavily polluted by industry, livestock farming and wastewater treatment plants, resulting in the Kalamas basin being ranked by the “River Basin Management Plan of the Water Department of Epirus” as the most burdened and dangerous in Epirus.According to the petitioner, the heavy concentration of ammonia, which directly affects aquatic life, is the most critical pollution and a decisive parameter for determining the chemical status of a body of water as “good” or not under the terms of Directive 2000/60/EC. Therefore, serious questions arise as to whether the Management Plan reflects the actual chemical and ecological situation of the relevant water body or has been drafted on the basis of unreliable data and in violation of Directive 2000/60/EC and other legislation. Among others, the petitioner cites Directives 2010/75/ΕU, 2006/7/ΕC, 92/43/ΕEC, 2009/147/ΕC, 98/83/ΕC, 2015/1787/ΕU,.

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