On the legality of Article 417 of the Bulgarian Code of Civil Procedure and alleged breach of consumer rights in payment order proceedings in Bulgaria 

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Dies ist eine Online-Petition of the European Parliament.


The petitioner calls for an inquiry of the actions of a bailiff under Article 417 of the Bulgarian Code of Civil Procedure, which he deems may be unlawful and for the initiation of disciplinary proceedings and establishment of criminal liability of the bailiff. The European Parliament has received several complaints on this issue from other Bulgarian citizens alleging that the Bulgarian judicial proceedings under Article 417 of the Bulgarian Code of Civil Procedure are one-sided and consumers are not given the chance to defend themselves in court where the rulings are entirely based on the lender’s claims regarding the existence and amount of the loan. The petitioner also suggests that the Parliament exercises its right of indirect initiative in relation to Article 435 (2) of the Bulgarian Code of Civil Procedure. The petitioner alleges that the bailiff has abused their property rights and has disrespected the law and the practice of the Bulgarian Supreme Court.

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