On the discriminatory practice of the Italian State in relation to the issue and renewal of the passport of the Italian parent 

Marinella Colombo
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The petitioner complains about the discriminatory practice of the Italian State regarding the issue and renewal of passports for Italian parents. The petitioner explains that in order to obtain the issue or renewal of their own passport, the Italian parent needs the consent of the other parent, even when this is a former spouse or a former cohabiting partner who has left Italy with their children. This practice is not only extremely humiliating, but is particularly complicated in cases where the former spouse has gone abroad with the children, without leaving an address. The petitioner argues that in these cases, the Italian parent is forced to apply to the guardianship judge to obtain the passport. The petitioner calls for the immediate cessation of this discriminatory practice by the Italian State to the detriment of its own citizens.

Thank you for your support, Marinella Colombo

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