On behalf of the victims of the iDental scam in Europe, on the infringement of their fundamental rights by the iDental company 

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Dies ist eine Online-Petition of the European Parliament.


The petitioner alleges that thousands of people have been defrauded by the company iDental and suffered damage to their health. The petitioner complains that through misleading advertisement on its subsidised services, the company ‘obliged’ customers to sign credit operations with banking entities, and then systematically delayed the dental treatment. The petitioner reports that numerous complaints have been filed against this company with the consumer and health authorities throughout Spain. The petitioner considers that adequate regulations in this area are lacking. He further requests that the Commission be urged to investigate and verify whether the Spanish consumer and health authoritieshave violatedEuropean legislation that protects and regulates the rights of consumersby issuing the pertinent permits and authorisations to the aforementioned company.

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