On behalf of Građanska inicijativa za čisti okoliš MO Srednja Strana, Solin, on alleged irregularities in a project financed by the EU Cohesion Fund  

Građanska inicijativa za čisti okoliš MO Srednja Strana, Solin
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The petitioner states that the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Fund in Croatia accepted the application of a project concerning city of Solin and approved it, despite the fact that this project was not in accordance with the recommendations concerning dimensions and value of projects. In the petitioner’s opinion the location of the recycling yard of the submitted project is inappropriate: next to two children's playgrounds and a sports club ground. In addition, the citizens were not informed about the choice of location and could not participate in the public debate because local authorities arbitrarily, without consulting experts, selected that location. The petition from citizens with 498 signatures - more than 70% of adults of that settlement - requesting the relocation of the recycling yard to another, more suitable location (there are 5-6 other suitable locations in the city) was rejected.

Thank you for your support, Građanska inicijativa za čisti okoliš MO Srednja Strana, Solin

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