On behalf of Défense Des Marais de l’Estuaire (DDME), on the wind turbines project along the Gironde estuary (Natura 2000) 

Défense Des Marais de l'Estuaire (DDME)
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Dies ist eine Online-Petition of the European Parliament.


The decisions that France has to take on energy transition are key for the survival of biodiversity and the protection of the environment. They should be in harmony with the challenges of combatting the climatic warming. The petitioner however questions the installation of wind turbines along the Gironde estuary, as this area is along a main migratory corridor of Europe, and the turbines might destruct the biodiversity, the environment, the wetlands and the long-standing preserved landscape. The right riverside belongs since many years to Natura 2000 territory. Before being part of Natura 2000 zoning, it had a special status in the Conservation of wild birds Directive. Additionally, the project for the installation of these wind turbines has received unfavourable opinions of several official instances. The petitioner asks to intervene with the French Authorities to halt this project.

Thank you for your support, Défense Des Marais de l'Estuaire (DDME)

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