On behalf of 14 complainants, bearing two signatures, on the treatment of asylum seekers in Bulgaria 

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Dies ist eine Online-Petition of the European Parliament.


The petitioner submits the petition on behalf of a group of Afghan asylum seekers who have passed through closed and/or open detention camps in Bulgaria. These asylum seekers were allegedly mistreated and forced to provide their fingerprints in this country, which, in his view, constitutes an illegal practice as, in this way, they are in fact considered to be asylum seekers in Bulgaria against their will. He cites in this regard the Dublin Regulation 604/2013/EU, establishing the country responsible for the examination of the asylum application. . They all report degrading detention conditions: inhuman treatment by the security services and the wardens, lack of an interpreter during interrogations, shortages of food, non-existent sanitary conditions, and even alleged cases of murders by the wardens of the closed detention camps.

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