Bearing three additional signatures, on the transport and slaughter of EU livestock in third countries 

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Dies ist eine Online-Petition of the European Parliament.


The petition denounces the current state of affairs regarding the live transport of animals to third countries as well as third country slaughter practices. The petitioner refers to a documentary film entitled “37 Degrees – Classified: Animal Transport”, broadcast by the ZDF corporation. The signatories of the petition object to the fact that while much societal discussion has been raised about these issues, no significant actions have been taken to ensure the proper treatment of animals in accordance with EU rules and regulations. In particular, the petitioners point at the allegations made in the documentary film that many Islamic countries, such as Turkey and those in the Middle East, do not observe proper safeguards while subjecting animals to Halal-certified slaughter. The petitioners call for urgent legislative action on the subject, and for a ban on the transport of EU livestock to countries which do not respect the EU standards of animal welfare.

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