On the environmental disaster caused by opencast coal mining in eastern Wielkopolska  

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The petitioner represents residents of municipalities on the border of Wielkopolska and Kujawy who have been warning of the threat to the environment posed by lignite mines in the region for more than 10 years. A complaint was made to the Commission in 2008 concerning an improperly conducted environmental impact assessment. Calls for compliance with environmental regulations, e.g. in the case of Lake Gopło, have not been acted upon by the Polish Government; one of the mines is operating without valid water permits, and the active mines are having an increasingly negative impact on the environment. Hydrological conditions, water resources and water quality are deteriorating, while numerous NATURA 2000 protected areas, valuable species and habitats protected by the Birds and Habitats Directives are under threat. Drought and heavy metal pollution are not the only effects of this extensive exploitation of lignite. Moreover, despite community protests, lignite mining remains a priority for the Polish Government, in spite of the damage and losses to citizens and the environment, and the spatial planning programmes introduced by central and local authorities diminish the role and the ability of local communities to participate in decision-making relating to spatial planning and mining activities in the region.

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