On tackling homelessness rates in the European Union 

Volt Europa & Homeless Entrepreneur
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Dies ist eine Online-Petition of the European Parliament.


The petitioner addresses the Petitions Committee to denounce the incapacity of more than 4 million homeless Europeans to stay ‘at home’ during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting that the current economic fallout might even put more people at risk of homelessness. She calls on the European Union to ensure that no one is left behind, as the fight against the pandemic must be inclusive in order to contain the virus. The petitioner refers to several good practices in Member States, offering also the possibility for economic sectors under strain to benefit from homeless’ support efforts. She believes that now the Union should take joint action to implement housing measures across the Union ensuring an Home First strategy. The online version of the petition calls on the European Parliament to issue three types guidelines to EU Member States in this matter.

Thank you for your support, Volt Europa & Homeless Entrepreneur

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