On behalf of ‘Partit Demokratiku’, on introducing legislation in the European Union to protect whistleblowers 

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The petitioner calls on the European Union, on behalf of the Democratic Party of Malta, to consider introducing legislation on protecting whistleblowers. The petitioner believes whistleblowers are crucial to the functioning of a democratic country, and stresses that their protection is essential to preserving the rule of law. The petitioner states that in certain Member States legislation designed to protect whistleblowers is being disregarded and manipulated, as they face systematic harassment and intimidation. The petitioner suggests the status and protection of whistleblower be defined in EU legislation, and that the High Courts of Member States should hear and rule on cases in which EU residents are seeking whistleblower status. Once they have been granted whistleblower status, it should be respected and protected by all Member States.

Thank you for your support, Partit Demokratiku

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