On measures to protect the population from pandemics 

Melanie Von Der Taubenmühle
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The petitioner points out that the current spread of COVID-19 has shown that dangerous pathogens can develop and spread in the animal industry. She further claims that the extensive use of antibiotics in animals is one of the most important causes for the development of antibiotic-resistant pathogens. The petitioner, therefore, calls on Member States and the EU to: -inform the population about the risks of diseases and virus mutations in the animal industries as well as about the dangers of the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria by the animal industries; - immediately adopt measures to protect EU citizens from pandemics, including the closure of slaughterhouses, butchers, breeding and fattening companies as well as the import ban for animal products; - adopt strict measures against food waste and promote state subsidies for vegetable farming; - inform about the connections between the animal industry and climate change.

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I am concerned that this accepts the covid narrative and would add further restrictions and cause loss of animal life and human income. The bacterial model being used to support draconian messages is flawed; it omits the importance of energy, as well as A Bechamp's work. Many of us query the extent of infection, what is really happening, and this would see us back to swine flu/BSE compulsorary slaughter, which is an animal rights issue. We need to treat each other and planet better. More restrictions is endangering

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