On behalf of S.K.L. Trans, on checks of resting performed by the French authorities on a Bulgarian haulier 

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Dies ist eine Online-Petition of the European Parliament.


The petitioner representing a Bulgarian transport company complains about checking by French national authorities hotels’ billings of trucks drivers and about issuing high financial fines for not providing the bills. The petitioner points out to the fact that checks were performed massively on the East and Central European trucks’ drivers and that drivers cannot be held responsible for not keeping all previous hotels’ bills. In many cases, drivers use different means of rest (Airbnb or a friend’s place) and therefore cannot provide invoices. In the petitioner’s opinion, controlling and penalizing practices are discriminating, constitute a breach of the Article 21 of the EU Charter of fundamental rights on non-discrimination and violate EU citizens’ rights of freedom to work and to provide services across the EU.

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