On the mistreatment of wild, farming and stray animals in Romania 

G. R.
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The petitioner calls for attention and a change in the treatment of animals, in particular three types. He first claims that wild animals, and in particular bears, with Romania’s accelerated deforestation, tend to descend from mountain areas to inhabited areas, often resulting in their death in traffic accidents or by poachers. He asks for a protocol to transfer part of the bears - extinct in many other EU Member States - to designated sanctuaries and natural reservations. The petitioner also points at the practices on farming animals, which allegedly and especially around public holidays, are slaughtered in a cruel way, in the name of traditions. He eventually also calls for a decent treatment of stray animals (dogs and cats), for which he claims massive culling processes are funded by public funds, without any efforts to raise awareness or impose fines for people abandoning animals on the streets. The petitioner further claims that irregular breeders of dogs and cats easily sell the animals on the internet, including animals affected by diseases, without any supervision by the authorities.

Thank you for your support, G. R.

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