On the proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and the Council on the quality of water intended for human consumption 

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The petitioner denounces the high levels of contamination of perfluoroalkyl compounds (PFAS) in the water tables (aquifers) from which water destined for human consumption is currently drawn in the territories of the provinces of Vicenza, Verona and Padua, in the region of Veneto.He recalls that the Italian Government, with resolution of the Council of Ministers of 21 March 2018, declared the "state of emergency" in relation to the levels of contamination in these provinces.He further recalls that in 2017 the Veneto Region set stringent limits on perfluoroalkyl substances and ordered the start of an experimentation aimed at achieving the "virtual absence" of perfluoroalkyl substances in the drinking water supply chain.In light of the above considerations, and in the context of the current revision of Directive 98/83/EC which sets the quality characteristics for water intended for human consumption and food preparation, the petitioner asks, among other things, for the following actions:- to schedule a hearing before the Committee of a Representative of the Mayors that will be appointed by common agreement between the Mayors of the territories affected by the PFAS pollution;- to ask that the new directive sets the same limit imposed by the Veneto Region with resolutions n. 1590 and n. 1591 of 3 October 2017, and that this limit applies throughout the European Union, or at least that Member States retain the power to derogate from the provisions of the Directive in a more restrictive sense, with particular reference to the limits therein provided for perfluoroalkyl substances;- to request the intervention of the European Parliament in support of a "Recommendation" to the Italian Government to support all necessary initiatives in order to cope with this serious phenomenon of contamination from PFAS, including a prohibition of settlement of new industries in the charging areas of groundwater, as well as a prohibition to existing industries of spilling polluting substances.

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