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Russia started an open war against Ukraine under fabricated pretexts. This must have immediate and far-reaching consequences. One of the most effective ways would be to cut off Russia from the international payment system SWIFT.
According to media reports, the German government along with Italy, Cyprus, and Hungary are refusing to exclude Russia from SWIFT because of their own economic interests. This must be revised immediately. To constrain Russia's war of aggression, every day, every hour, every minute counts. We call on the EU government to change course immediately and work for immediate exclusion of Russia from SWIFT.


Today's Russian attack on Ukraine is the greatest threat to peace in Europe since the end of World War II and the greatest geopolitical catastrophe since World War II. We want to prevent the war from escalating, but looking the other way or trying to appease Russian aggression will only cause more devastation and death. Massive political and economic pressure on Russia is the only way forward.

Thank you for your support, Valeriia Ukrainian from Kyiv
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We must stop the enemy of the whole civilized world!

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