Save bees and farmers ! Towards a bee-friendly agriculture for a healthy environment

Karl BÄR
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Ovo je internetska peticija Europskog parlamenta , Prosljeđivanje i prijava na stranici peticije Europskog parlamenta:

Hrvatska peticiju predstava

To protect bees and people’s health, we call on the Commission to propose legal acts to phase out synthetic pesticides by 2035, to restore biodiversity, and to support farmers in the transition. Phase out synthetic pesticides in EU agriculture by 80% by 2030, starting with the most hazardous, to become free of synthetic by 2035; restore natural ecosystems in agricultural areas so that farming becomes a vector of biodiversity recovery; reform agriculture by prioritising small scale, diverse and sustainable farming, supporting a rapid increase in agro-ecological and organic practice, and enabling independent farmer-based training and research into pesticide- and GMO-free farming.

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