On the environmental impact of the batteries used in electric cars  

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In the petitioner’s opinion, according to the latest research, combustion engines are far more environmentally friendly than cars using electric batteries. He claims that the production of electric cars is no more environmentally friendly than the production of combustion engines. He also claims that promoting only electric cars is deliberately destroying the European car industry. The petitioner enumerates several environmental burdens arising from using batteries in cars: lithium mining, that devastates nature because of the invasive methods used for extracting lithium from rock using chemical non-degradable substances, and the freight costs and pollution resulting from the transport of lithium to the battery manufacturers and subsequently to automakers around the world. Furthermore, he deplores several drawbacks of electric cars, such as the high cost of batteries (even with the EU subsidies), the lack of guarantee for the range in kilometres (which varies depending on multiple factors such as load, speed, air conditioning) and battery capacity after 2-4 years, very high recharging costs at a fast station and the lack of infrastructure in more than 80% of the EU territory. He also questions the resale value and the reparation and dismantling costs of electric cars.

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