On behalf of Le collectif des pêcheurs artisans, on the protection of artisanal fishing in the context of marine windmills 

Collectif des Pêcheurs Artisans
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The petitioner highlights the threat to artisanal fishing by windmill projects at sea, as 7 windmill areas in France will be excluded for artisanal fishing, while they have a rich fish population. The areas targeted are Dunkerque, Tréport/Dieppe, Fécamps, Courseulles-sur-Mer, Saint-Brieuc, Saint-Nazaire and the islands of Yeu and of Noirmoutier (France). The petitioner calls for an intervention of the European Parliament in order to better identify and take into account the impact and consequences of windmill projects for artisanal fishing.

Thank you for your support, Collectif des Pêcheurs Artisans

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