On the creation of a special visa for non-EU partners of EU-citizens residing abroad 

Sanjay Norbert De Mascarenhas Henriques
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Dies ist eine Online-Petition of the European Parliament.


The petitioner, an EU citizen residing outside of the EU, highlights the administrative burden he experiences to travel to the EU with his wife, even after 14 years of marriage, as she is a non-EU citizen. The petitioner explains that his wife has to apply each time for a Schengen visa, which only provides for a limited duration to stay. He asks to consider the creation of a special long-term visa for non-EU spouses after the completion of two years of legal marriage with an EU citizen. Such a special visa should have, according the petitioner, a duration of 10 years or, if not possible, at least 5 years. Such a visa would facilitate the freedom of movement of the families of EU citizens. The petitioner further explains that the local staff in EU consulates, or outsourced visa offices abroad, often are not very familiar with EU citizens’ rights and may impose undue additional obligations on their partners.

Thank you for your support, Sanjay Norbert De Mascarenhas Henriques

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