Petition to allow the use of fixed and mobile PMR446 radio equipment throughout Europe

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Radio Club Museo CB and the Asociación Radio CB Sierra de Cádiz request the CEPT to modify the decision about the harmonized use of license-exempt PMR446 radio equipment throughout Europe for:

  • Authorize the use of portable, mobile and fixed PMR446 radio equipment.
  • Allow the use of outdoor antennas for PMR446 radio equipment.
  • Establish that the effective radiated power of portable, mobile and fixed PMR446 radio equipment does not exceed 5 watts.


The publication in 2015 of CEPT decision ECC / DEC / (15) 05 for the harmonized use of the 446 MHz frequency and its update in 2018, which expanded the number of available channels, both analog and digital, provided a framework legal for the implementation of the PMR446 service in the European Community and other CEPT members.

Since then, the improvement in audio and the quality of communication offered by this service, as described in the decision, and its subsequent popularization throughout Europe have been verified.

However, it is perceived among a large number of users that this improvement in quality is greatly diminished by the extremely short range provided by the service, due the technical limitations that define it.

There are similar services in the world that, using a frequency band of the UHF spectrum very close to 446 MHz, do offer significantly greater scope possibilities and, therefore, due to their quality and scope, they are truly popular and very useful communication systems for citizens.


Not yet a PRO argument.

Allowing long range use would increase possibility of interference this it would require users education on radio operation which means introducing licencing. That would limit access to the band for those who do not need or are unable to learn advanced technical stuff. Amateur radio is long range alternative for advanced users.

Why people sign

  • James Shaw RY, Corby

    7 days ago

    The restrictions of the 446Mhz allocation in the U.K. are long outdated, and allowing use of higher powered equipment, repeaters, and external accessories would be a great benefit to hobbyists, who would be able to enjoy the hobby as it was intended. To look no further than the American GMRS system as an example, with obvious comparisons between the American ‘Family Radio Service’ and PMR446, allowing an impersonal and informal ‘chatter-natter band’, with or without licence fees or call sign assignments, that overcome the frankly antiquated and very limiting restrictions of PMR446 as a useful radio communications allocation would do wonders for the hobby.

  • on 10 Oct 2021

    Mehr sendeleistung und mehr Kanäle sind europaweit wichtig.Das man auch z.b. in der zweiten Heimat legal die Geräte nutzen kann.

  • on 05 Oct 2021

    Reliable and cost effectiveness, community building and promotion of the hobby of radio communication.

  • on 30 Sep 2021

    Freedom to the people

  • on 30 Sep 2021

    Because of airsoft and use of pmr radio equipment

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