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It would increase the range and reliability of communications for both business and leisure use. In the modern age, equipment is more robust against RF interference so it is not a huge concern. Additionally many other countries outside of Europe such as Australia and New Zealand employ a UHF CB system of five watts output power on a similar UHF frequency. These services have not caused significant interference no more or no less than other services. 27 MHZ CB was suitable for the 1980's, but PMR is suitable for the modern age.

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What are arguments against the petition?

Allowing long range use would increase possibility of interference this it would require users education on radio operation which means introducing licencing. That would limit access to the band for those who do not need or are unable to learn advanced technical stuff. Amateur radio is long range alternative for advanced users.

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Short range of PMR at 446 MHz is intentional. It would be wrong to allow long range,that would mean higher possibility for interference. PMR is band dedicated to free use of everyone without requirement of any knowledge or license. Most of the PMR user do not even know much about radio and especialy interference and how to not cause it or avoid it. So, short range solves issue by minimising possibility of interference.

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