On the situation in the United Kingdom where elections to the European Parliament allegedly are not conducted by direct universal suffrage 

Tom Muirhead
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The petitioner decries the fact that the United Kingdom is in breach of Article 14.3 TEU, which states that ‘the members of the European Parliament shall be elected for a term of five years by direct universal suffrage in a free and secret ballot.’ According to the petitioner, the lack of direct universal suffrage in the UK, for both national and European elections, principally affects two groups: unmarried fathers and prisoners. The petitioner points out that the 73 UK MEPs have not been legally elected and that therefore the European Parliament has not been constituted correctly and has no authority. The petitioner suggests that the matter be referred to the European Court of Justice so it can decide i) if the European Parliament is legally constituted and ii) if the EU institutions can communicate with a government – that of the UK – which the petitioner considers as not having been legally formed.

Thank you for your support, Tom Muirhead

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