On EU action to promote the conversion of former quarries into reservoirs 

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Dies ist eine Online-Petition of the European Parliament.


The petitioner calls for concrete EU action to promote technological and industrial projects to turn disused quarries into reservoirs. They would hold water in reserve to overcome the growing water shortages that are occurring in ever larger areas, due to climate change and to abstraction for multiple industrial and civil purposes. In this regard, he cites as an example some national plans to convert former quarries into reservoirs for rainwater or river floodwater, which can then be used during periods of drought; this requires waterproofing of the former quarries. To this end, he proposes regulatory action at European level, strategies, implementing measures and financial incentives for public-private study projects; he emphasises both the costs of preparing and maintaining the reservoirs and the benefits in terms of employment. He also calls for the involvement of the Joint Research Centre and an investigation into the state of the art with regard to this type of conversion of disused quarries throughout the EU.

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