Bearing 34 000 signatures, on protecting and retaining the Sorbian language in the Lausitz region (Brandenburg State) 

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Dies ist eine Online-Petition of the European Parliament.


The petitioner takes issue with plans by the Brandenburg State Government for curriculum changes in state schools, which would seriously jeopardise the use of Lower Sorbian / Wendish as a teaching language. She states that Lower Sorbian / Wendish is one of the languages most at risk of disappearance in Europe. The petitioner is seeking support in establishing whether the Brandenburg State Government plans are in accordance with the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and with the ban on discrimination. She further states that there is no viable plan for the future of the Lausitz region when lignite mining activities become phased-out, with the result that job prospects for young people are limited, making it hard for them to contribute actively to the retention and preservation of the Sorbian language and identity.

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