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I call on the EU: I will no longer pay for corruption and the destruction of democracy!

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The time of indifference and silence is now over. So-called 'hybrid regimes' have appeared in the European Union, which term refers to the systematic dismantling of the rule of law and democracy.

It is unacceptable that what we European citizens have built up in 70 years is being demolished by some political adventurers for their own petty domestic political and financial gain! I feel that my elected representatives to the EU are not taking strong enough action to stop this process. By signing this petition I wish to put a stop to wasting my money at once.

As a citizen of the European Union, I do not wish to contribute either financially or morally to my taxes being wasted on:

  • systemic corruption
  • enrichment of oligarchs
  • intimidation of citizens
  • discrediting and hateful propaganda
  • the use of public broadcasting for government and propaganda purposes
  • silencing voices and media critical of the government
  • any form of discrimination. direct or indirect, on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, race, ethnicity, religion or otherwise

I demand that my elected officials in the European Parliament and Commission take immediate action against corrupt governments and urge that:

  • joining the European Public Prosecutor's Office should be mandatory
  • the use of EU funds should be transparent and controllable
  • the possibility of the direct financing of civil societies, local councils, businesses and other projects should be available
  • the EU should speed up proceedings and actions against non-compliant governments

By signing this petition I wish to stop governments disregarding European values from exploiting the EU's tolerant, democratic, yet slow and bureaucratic processes. I will not accept to see such practices become standard in the European Union.

This would not be the Union, the foundation of which was laid 70 years ago. This would not be the European Union that I wish to finance or I would be happy to be the citizen of.

For the first time an EU member state is classified as a non-democracy ("hybrid regime"):



The coming weeks and months are going to be decisive because the European Commission and Parliament will determine in what kind of European Union we will live in the future. Is it going to be one that is true to its core values or is it going to keep idly watching authoritarian regimes grow stronger and more dominant? [1, 2, 3]

The 2021-2027 budget debate with Germany as acting president of the Council is going to present challenges as well as opportunities. It could prove to be a great tool to effectively lead some governments exploiting the present system back to the fundamental principles of the European Union, namely the rule of law, civil liberties as well as the fight against corruption, nepotism, and kleptocracy [4]. As European citizens we wish our voice to be heard, and demand concrete actions instead of toothless condemnations and more red tape [5].

The long term success of our European Union depends on whether we are able to change our present practices and preserve its moral and financial foundations. Your signature will help with this!

[1] The first time ever: an EU member state is classified as a non-democracy ("hybrid regime") - Freedom House:


[2] HUNGARY IS LOST - Die Zeit:

English: www.zeit.de/politik/ausland/2019-04/european-union-hungary-democracy-viktor-orban-english

Deutsch: www.zeit.de/politik/ausland/2019-04/europaeische-union-ungarn-demokratie-viktor-orban

[3] Make no mistake: Poland and Hungary aren’t the only EU states abusing the law - The Guardian


[4] "The European project relies on constant respect of the rule of law."


[5] Judy Asks: Can Europe Save Democracy in Hungary and Poland? - Carnegie Europe:




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Argumenta CONTRA še ni.

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  • pred 1 dnevom

    Because we have had enough of corruot polticians and all our money being misusef for their own powe and benefit. We should have tecnocrats who can be removed at anytime and no sakary for life as it is in Spain. Reductuin of civil servants imperative

  • Ni javno Marbella

    pred 1 dnevom

    Weil die spanische Regierung korrupt ist, lügt, diktatorisch das Volk unterdrückt, faschismus herrscht vorallem links, die Menschen überwacht werden, Wir unsere fundamentalen Rechte verloren haben, das Volk am hungern ist und die Regierung Geld an diejenigen versprochen hat, die ihren Job verloren haben wegen Covid-19, wir das Volk alke Grundrechte verloren haben, Steuern werden erhöht wo Menschen doch gar nicht mehr zahlungsfähig sind. Die Bürger sind eingeschüchtert, verängstigt und verzweifelt, nicht die Reichen sondern die die einen normalen 8 to 5 Job ausführen. Die jetzige Regierung sollte dringendst entfernt werden. den es wird nicht zum Wohle des Bürgers gehandelt, Spanien ist keine Demokratie mehr, sondern eine immer mehr sich ausbreitende Diktatur und Korrupte Regierung

  • Brussels

    pred 6 dnevi

    Because human right is basic right. Countries that doesn't care about our right needs to be defunded

  • pred 6 dnevi

    Don’t support oppressive regimes

  • Úny

    ob 2020625

    Unbearable waste

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