blocked initiatives

These initiatives violate our Terms of Use. The initiators have not submitted a revised version within the set deadline. For reasons of transparency, the reason for the suspension and the text of the initiative remain visible. You can protest the closing of a petition.

  • Against any kind of asyl quota

    Reason for blocking :

    Petitions violating state law and basic democratic laws and values will be ended. Petitions questioning the constitution will be ended. Petitions violating the European Convention on Human Rights or international law will be ended.

  • Ban Knarzlette from ps2cobalt

    Reason for blocking :

    Petitions which adjudicate subjectively upon the behave of people and groups will be ended and closed. Object criticism on a public person or group relating to their positions is allowed.

  • Every business must have own website

    Reason for blocking :

    Petitions with direct or indirect advertisment of products, services or parties will be terminated.

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