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General speed limit in the EU

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I would like to see an EU-wide maximum speed of 130 km / h on motorways.


A speed limit increases traffic safety and reduces traffic stress. driving in the Netherlands is more relaxed than in Germany. In addition, in countries with limited speed, there are no drivers who drive in the left lane at 200 km / h and thus unnecessarily endanger cars that drive in the left lane at 130 km / h. See (German website).

Unfortunately, there are still countries in the EU where you can drive faster than 130 km / h. In Poland you can drive 140 km / h, in Germany there is no speed limit at all, just a "speed limit". Source:ösungen-ausland/tempolimits-ausland/ (interactive map). (German website)

In addition, a speed limit protects the Klma. See [,auf%20Autobahnen%20in%20Deutschland%20berechnet.&text=Ein%20Tempolimit%20w%C3%BCrde%20demnach%20den%20Aussto%C3%9F%20von%20Treibhausgasen%20deutlich%20mindern.(German](,auf%20Autobahnen%20in%20Deutschland%20berechnet.&text=Ein%20Tempolimit%20w%C3%BCrde%20demnach%20den%20Aussto%C3%9F%20von%20Treibhausgasen%20deutlich%20mindern.(German) website)

Thank you for your support, Daniel Schlitt from Monheim
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  • on 11 Mar 2021

    small step, because 130km/h is still too much.. anyway, better than even more or no limit... Greetings from Germany

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