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We demand a unitary deposit system in Europe! #eupfand

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Ever since the European politicians try to merge the member states. To reach this ambition, unitary laws and provisions were resolved and even the autonomy of the member states has been partially undermined.

The common motivation for this unifications seems to be the welfare of the industry ("Cucumber Provision", 1677/88/EWG). When it comes to the point to resolve a provision which not only benefits the industry, but also the environment and the citizens of the European Union, the European Parliament behaves amazingly dull.

We demand a unitary and combined deposit system for every member state of the EU, particularly in order to protect the native environment like the Baltic and the North Sea aswell as the Mediterranean Sea.

The “Deutsche Umwelthilfe” (The German Environment Assistance) says for this porpuse: “The European Committee should launch a unitary and europewide deposit system for drink packages to make Europe more clean and to raise the rate of recycling.”

This drawback inside of the EU must be eliminated so that we may enjoy our common areas of nature even in plenty decades.

“[...] The participation to this [deposit] system is open for every drink producer, also from foreign countries. [...]” Deutsches Bundesamt für Umwelt (German Federal Office of Environment)

Martin Schulz, Janez Potočnik, José Manuel Barroso and all members of any European governmental department, in my opinion you are in the duty and the dept of the public and the environment. Please advocate for a unitary and combined deposit system for Europe.

The problem of the raising pollution and exploitation of our environment is task of our generation. We are in the dept of our progeny to behave conscientious with our sensitive ecosystem in order to ensure the ongoing existence of humankind.

“Deposit systems for oneway-plastic bottles and drink packages may stop the pollution of our environment.” Thomas Fischer, DUH Projektmanager für Kreislaufwirtschaft (Projekt manager for circular flow economy)

I beg you to support this campaign. Sign this petition in order to protect our environment, our progeny and our future. Thank you.


When I was 5 weeks old, I went to the danish island Bornholm for the first time of my life. Since that, I returned every year to spent the major time of my holidays at this beatiful island. Nowadays I’m 16 years old and I see critical and fearful into the future of Bornholm, because there can be found more and more plastic waste at the coasts and at the anciently clean beaches.

It’s not new to get to know that our world, especially our oceans, have a huge problem with plastic waste - but it’s a new, alarming experience to face this fact. My experiences are not exceptional: fisherman are reporting about plastic bottles in their nets instead of fishes and at the North Sea islands are waste assemblers at the beaches going for patrol at the crack of dawn.

Therefor it’s time to carry our experiences and studies into the policy and to show our politicians specific steps to lower our waste problem.

Thank you for your support

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