Save the beach in Kolanjski Gajac!

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Dear visitors and guests of Gajac and Kolanjski Gajac, and environment protectors,

Kolan county plans to build a port with a communal berth next to the main beach in Kolanjski Gajac. A small marina/port located too close to the beach will negatively impact the water quality, sea life, our safety and our healths. If the county persists in their plans, which they are pushing since at least 2015, the pollution and its negative effect on our health and the health of our children will be inevitable. The project was stopped around 2017, but the county persists in its plans to disturb and devastate the coast. Gajac and Kolanjski Gajac were always known as family oriented and peaceful locations to rest in with crystal clear, intact seawater.

More boats will pollute the sea as the fuel leaks will be a constant threat in the following decades. This is the only beach which does not accommodate that many boats, which are often the main source of fuel leaks and nasty smell which harms our health and sea life. The last remaining intact beach full of wildlife will be destroyed. Additionally, we will not be able to swim safely to the more remote beach, which is often the main location to paddle with SUP or kayak, and to snorkel, as we will be forced to go further from the coast. Not to mention, more boats will disturb the peace and safety of all swimmers on the main beach. Today we are witnesses of boats and jet-skies, which mostly come too close to the shore (less than 200 m), and it will get more problematic with more boats and vessels. 

Moreover, it will block the only spot where nudists, dog-owners, and other people in general, can sunbathe and swim in privacy. The only other beach of this kind is on the opposite side of Gajac next to camp Straško, which belongs to another county. The port will benefit only a small fraction of all visitors, but it will have a devastating effect on every visitor and apartment owner. Not mentioning, every other beach is already full of boats which disturb the view and pollute the sea.

We demand from the county that it finds another more adequate location to make a port, and moves it further from the main beach and its visitors and apartment owners. Ideally, the county should stop the project completely as it will pollute and devastate sea life and the coast no matter which location is chosen!

More information on the urban plan and the port they will build:⁠

A scheme showing where the port will be located and its orientation:štenje_i_namjena_površina.pdf


We ask people who love Gajac and return every year, and all apartment owners, but also everyone who visited this beautiful place, to sign the petition and stop the devastation of one of the most beautiful beaches in Gajac and Kolanjski Gajac. Help us make a change and preserve Kolanjski Gajac and its beautiful beach.

We did not inherit this land from our parents, we borrowed it from our children!

Tack för ditt stöd, Paula Från Belisce
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