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The existence of the tourism industry worldwide is threatened by COVID 19 and the associated travel restrictions. This is reinforced by the European Package Travel Directive 2015/2302 (2011/83/EU).

We demand that customers pay a proportion of the cancellation fees in the event of cancellation due to force majeure.


According to European Package Travel Directive, tour operators must refund the entire travel price within 14 days if a trip cannot take place due to unavoidable extraordinary circumstances.

The tour operator has already provided work before the start of the trips: consultation, offer preparation, booking of travel services (flights, hotels, excursions, transfers). Beyond that, in particular, small and medium-sized special tour operators, make advance payments for their customers by pre-payments of flights, hotels, etc.

In the event of cancellation due to a pandemic, the tour operator may not charge his customers for either the service provided or advance payments made.

Since 18th March 2020, the back completion of already booked journeys takes place. Again, tour operators provide work for the cancellation of services for which they don´t get paid. They receive no or delayed refunds from the airlines. Money already paid abroad usually won´t be refunded, the tour operators themselves only receive credit notes. Many special tour operators have already been forced to close down due to the Package Travel Directive.

For the consumer, this means that the variety of tour operators in the EU is disappearing. Small and medium-sized tour operators who organize individual trips cannot survive. Corporations are supported by the government and will dictate the market and prices in the future.

We demand that customers pay a proportion of the cancellation fees in the event of cancellation due to force majeure.

The possible legal framework for this amendment has been pointed out by Prof. Dr. Führich in an open letter to Minister of Justice Mrs. Lambrecht:

If you also would like to maintain a variety of offers and tour operators in the European travel industry and you believe that the work done and the time invested should be fairly paid, we would ask you to vote for an amendment of the European Package Travel Directive.


So keep medium and small tourism agencies alive by fair cost sharing during this Covid Crisis!

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  • Hässelby

    12 minutes ago

    This packagetravel law is just not created for a pandemic situation that we have today. Tour operators are a kind of intermediate between airlines / hotels / tourist attractions and travelers / customers. They get paid for their knowledge of destinations and hotels and are helping hotels and airlines to get business, and are helping clients to to find the best travel solutions. Money in and money out. This package law is very old fashion and not valid at all to the world situation. That travel agents and tour operators are financially responsible for their suppliers who do not repay in their turn, is completely unreasonable. It is not their fault that we have a pandemic. That they have to refund clients, even if they have not been refunded by the airliens and hotels are just unrealistic since they are not "sitting on the money". Law must be changed NOW.

  • Umeå

    20 minutes ago

    The private traveller is not affected as hard as the travel industry, we can see hotels and small & big businesses closing down due to the current situation. The restrictions are making tour operators and other tourism companies act as banks when the travelers can cancel bookings without any fees.

  • 41 minutes ago

    We are a B2B agency whose clients are Tour Operators

  • Umeå

    41 minutes ago

    To help our travel company to survive covid.

  • 44 minutes ago

    The legislation is at this point in time fully geared towards the end consumer and the local suppliers. It offers no protection at all for tour operators and other travel professionals. Right now our governments are taking stringent travel restrictions, but because of inadequate legislation the bill is being forwarded to the travel industry that is already suffering hard. We are not getting any income and are also supposed to pay the cancellation fees. This is not sustainabel. Covid-19 should be considered not only a pandemic but also force majeure and cancellation fees should go to the insurances or get shared by all parties involved.

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