Stop the vaccination certificate in the EU!

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12/18/2021, 22:18

Unfortunately, the commission on petitions rejected the petition. So once again every single affected person needs to take care about its own. But as you see, there are many others thinking similarly and willing to help.

04/26/2021, 11:58

I will inform you about the reaction of the committee on petitions once I get an answer.

04/19/2021, 22:14

Dear supporters,

today, I informed the EU petition committee, the head of the Directorate for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs, the European Data Protection Supervisor, the chairs of committees on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, health, equality, justicy, values and transparency, the President of the European Parliament and the chairs of all political groups of the parliament about our petition and asked for a date to hand over the petition with the signature list which contains far more than 200,000 names!
Thanks a lot for all your support!
Until it is finally submitted, the petition is still active, so let's give it a last push, especially in the countries, where there are not so many supporters yet. So the end might be already before end of April.

Kind regards,
Simon Mössner

03/30/2021, 01:31

Dear supporters,

thanks to you, the first big milestone is reached: already far more than 100 000 EU citizens signed!
Also, there are translations of the petition, which you can find below the petition description on the web site of the petition.
Thank you very much for signing, sharing and translating the petition!
The voting in the EU commission was postponed to May. As the translations are available just recently and not yet in all the languages, I'd like to make use of the time, to get more signatures in all EU countries, so I prolonged the collection time until April, 30th.
Please share the suitable translated petition web sites with your friends or family abroad (within EU only)!

Next steps:
I'm going to prepare an open letter to important EU delegates and the EU petition commitee, asking for a symbolic handover. This letter will also be shared with the media. As soon as it is finished, I'll get back to all active petition supporters, in order to get translations for all EU countries and share them with the respective EU commission representatives and media.

Best regards

03/22/2021, 11:00

Dear supporters,

To spread the petition even more, I’m looking for native speakers who could translate the petition to other European languages. Translation tools are not an option for me, because they might not correctly transport the idea and information.
Please get into contact to me by the contact feature in this email or on Open Petition in order to get aligned or directly send me your translations.

Thank you very much!

Best regards,
Simon Moessner

03/21/2021, 01:48

Fear supporters,

It is really overwhelming who fast the petition has grown the last three days. We are already more than 20000 supporters.

Thank you very much!

I updated the reasons for the petition in order to find more supporters, so feel free to have another look on the web page of the petition and please share again the petition with your major motivation, in order to keep the growth.

Thank you once again!

Best regards,
Simon Moessner

03/21/2021, 01:17

Mehrfach wurden mir zusätzliche Argumente und Anregungen zur Begründung der Petition geschickt und auch der Wunsch nach mehr oder detaillierten Begründungen geäußert.

Neue Begründung:

The effectiveness and protective time span of the Corona vaccines is not yet assured. Additionally, there are issues with ethic aspects and privacy. Now, even the WHO states that it rejects this idea.

Highest ethical value have the rights to the integrity of the person and to equality between people, vaccinated or not, which are part of the EU Charter. These are at risk due to the vaccination being an option to get back single fundamental rights at least for an unknown period of time. Free decision about vaccination is being manipulated like this and kind of discrimination is being established.

source:As the vaccination certificate shall be digital, there is in general a possibility of theft of personal medical data. Additionally, not only service providers like travel agencies get your vaccination status but also indirectly e.g. employers, in case employees are not allowed to travel abroad by plane


Unterschriften zum Zeitpunkt der Änderung: 20.738

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