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Hello, I am an Certified Romanian microbiologist by Education Minister After I Graduated College in TSR/RO. All this COVID Scenario is also very known by myself (once every 100yeare/cromozomial diversification&Selective Chose by Gates&Melinda...I am against vaccinators which enforce "things" with Gouvernment Laws!

Source: Serbian/slavic Books
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The IFR for this respiratory virus is 0,15%, with an adjusted median for under 70 years old of 0,05%! The political leaders destroyed the economies and the lives of hundreds of millions of people for a bad flu season. They trampled on human rights, instated dictatorship and now they want to force to population to be guinea pigs for experimental serums for no benefit. I am out of words for how in your face maleficent these people are. Message for ALL politicians: take your money and LEAVE US ALONE!!!

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    lower risk

There is no clear reason for this push on the vaccination! We know that the effect will last 6-8 months after the full vaccination. And you need to wear mask for those 6-8 masks, and the risk for you is just lower. Then why to vaccinate?

Source: CDC
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    Prevention is better than vaccination.

Prevention of illness is key. People in trouble because of covid, most of the time are suffering from low grade infection on the inside layer of their blood vessels. Most of the time caused by metabolic disease (hypertension, diabetes 2, obesity and high triglycerides in the blood. Sometimes athletes are building up too much oxidative stress, this also causes low grade infection. In case of Covid these people develop cytokine storm. They can die. Preventive blood test hs-crp shows above 1.0 you need to do something to lower that with healthy foods and vit. D, zinc-methionine, anti-oxidants.

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    Democratorship, democratism

Democratorship regime kills and has always killed. With no isolated so called "virus" and with no reliable means to detect illness, the democratist regime—shamelessly stamping on people's freedom and lives—has convincingly surpassed all those “bad people” who it is constantly accusing trying to justify its own even uglier evil.

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What are arguments against the petition?


Hi again :) Not humans shall chose who lives and who dies on this Plannet... This ia why we have the Right to chose how we live/when we see the Sun/Moon/ And Shinny Stars on The Sky, And Not Gates/ Merkel/And Farmaceutical Industries like Pfizer/AstraZenneca etc

Source: Multi-Sources
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Wer diese Petition unterschreibt hat sie entweder nicht verstanden, oder macht sich strafbar damit also entrechtet sich selber weiter und noch mehr wie man weiß.

Source: EU Verfassung, Kanonisches Recht, Text der Petition und Referenzen
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