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Ursula von der Leyen (P. E. Com.), David Sassoli (P. E. Parl.), Charles Michel (P. E. Council), Christine Lagarde (P. E. C. Bank), Mário Centeno (P. Eurogroup), Josep Borrell (H. R. EU For. Af. Sec. P.), European Parliament
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We the undersigned are concerned european citizens who urge our leaders to take immediate measures to:

1) Stimulate all European Union economies reaching real economy, on a flexible, simple, swift and unbureaucratic matter, guaranteeing that families and companies exit this crisis in good shape to continue their lives and activity;

2) Design and implement a socio-economic development plan with the following goals:

a) activate social elevator mechanisms; b) ensure a sustainable demography; c) strengthen our health services and create mechanisms of effective cooperation between european nations; d) endure an effective, ideology free, science driven climate change fight; e) guarantee EU food, energy and other strategic sectors self sufficiency and resilience.

3) Develop mechanisms and structures to allow European Union countries, as a Union, to be it’s security guarantors, as well as to have the capability to influence events on any part of the globe and therefore to develop diplomatic actions according to it’s own values and interests.

These are not isolated goals, on the contrary. These goals have the potential to form a self-reinforcing cycle and support each other's development.


The COVID-19 Pandemia is the last hard hitting crisis to affect an already weakened European Union society. This time we can’t afford to be, again, met by shy, late and ineffective measures, this is THE DECISIVE MOMENT for Monetary Union and the European Union itself.

We simply can’t accept that authoritarian regimes have better answers to modern crises than the democratic societies. It’s easy to forget how historically unstable and brutal Europe really was.

It is time to act!

Thank you for your support, Paulo Nunes from -267 St da Serra
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