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we want the website back for easy access and operation for students and teachers


European School Education Platform, the new home of eTwinning. or called "ESEP" but has now made the system unworkable due to the many layers. what was two mouse clicks is now uncountable and unworkable for a child. we are now losing users and potential users and that can never be the intention.Sign and indicate why, how long you have been a member and why you think this platform is so important.

Thank you.

Ju faleminderit shumë për mbështetjen tuaj , eTwinning Ambassadors nga Amsterdam
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This new platform in not user friendly. It is very slow and confusing. I am sad that we lost a lot of our contacts while tranfering to ESEP. I have participated in several projects but I could not upload anything on the new platform. Because of that it seems like I didn't do anything for the project. Now, I am project author and I couldn't enter the platform for a long time. Project activities are way behind the schedule. This is so demotivating.

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