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The new mobile phone technology 5G has not been comprehensively tested and evaluated scientifically with regard to its health effects. Therefore the roll-out of 5G mobile phone networks is very concerning.

The roll-out of 5G all over Europe is currently fully under way, despite grave reservations and many warnings from scientists and physicians all over the world! As far back as 2007, the European Environment Agency warned of potential cancer risks.

There must not be any large-scale field tests on the population of Europe! We do not accept to roll it out first and then to wait for any effects to happen afterwards!

Article 191 of the EU Treaty must be complied with, and therefore the precautionary principle must also apply for the new mobile phone technology of 5G. According to this article, as a matter of principle, citizens are to be protected from products that have not yet been proven harmless.

Please stop the roll-out of the new mobile phone technology of 5G until there are scientific studies, which prove that 5G does not cause any health damage!

There are more discussions and debates as to whether HUAWEI is to be involved in the roll-out than about the health effects on the population. The debates concerning HUAWEI mainly revolve around data security – by contrast, the health of the population does not seem to matter.

Do we, the people of Europe, want to be guinea pigs?

In many European countries, citizens protest against the new mobile phone technology 5G being introduced, before it has been proven harmless. Only if we, the population of Europe protest against the introduction of 5G, the European Parliament and the President of the European Commission will deal with this matter. In the German state of Bavaria 1.7 million citizens have voted for the protection of the bees in a referendum. As a consequence the politicians were quick to respond and accepted the demands. This should serve as an example for us.

Alone, we are powerless, but together we are strong. Therefore, every vote counts. We demand of the European Parliament and the President of the European Commission to see to it that the introduction and roll-out of the new mobile phone technology in the European Union be immediately halted. Moreover, they are to appoint independent scientists who carry out objective and well-founded scientific research into the health risks. After all, at stake are our lives and the future for our offspring!


Electromagnetic radiation harms our brain waves. [1] Our genetic information gets destabilized and our sperms are damaged. In an interview with journalists, Herr Prof. Kühling (Head of the scientific board of advisers of BUND, the German branch of “Friends of the Earth”) referred to two large-scale studies from the US and Italy, which are known worldwide. They showed the development of tumours in animals through electromagnetic radiation. There are also two German studies, which showed the development of tumours in rats. If that happened with tested medication, the substance in question would be withdrawn from the market immediately.

In a recently published report [7] 400 physicians and natural scientists warn: “The implementation of 5G carries the danger of serious, irreversible effects on humans.“

Especially for sensitive groups of the population, such as children, teenagers or older people, who may already be chronically ill, the expected increased radiation will be catastrophic.[2] [3] For electrohypersensitive people, who already suffer extremely from the nearly ubiquitous coverage with mobile phone radiation, there will no longer be any areas without radiation exposure. In this context, Switzerland has taken specific protective measures: In places, where people stay for a prolonged period, e.g. child nurseries, old people's homes or similar institutions, the radiation exposure must not exceed 10% of the regular exposure in the EU.

Article 191 of the current EU Treaty stipulates that the environmental policy of the EU be based on the principle of precaution and prevention.

If the European Environment Agency had had their way, the precautionary principle would have also been applied to mobile telephony.

The following quotes demonstrate the political attitude, when it comes to applying Article 191 of the current EU Treaty:

  • Applying the precautionary principle to mobile telephony would be a too drastic measure (Head of cabinet of the current European Commissioner for Health, Vytenis Andriukaitis)
  • Mobile telephony is a recent technology. There still are unanswered questions. The implementation of 5G will be scientifically monitored (Nicole Meßmer – Spokesperson of the German federal agency for radiation protection)
  • The European Commission rather waits for concrete evidence, but that always comes too late. When damage is proven, it has already been done. Similar concerns as with 5G existed in the case of asbestos, the carcinogenic softening agent PCB and mad cow disease. (David Gee – former chief advisor of the European Environment Agency)

Deutsche Telekom (one of the main mobile phone operators in Germany) has promised that 99% of the surface of Germany will have 5G coverage by 2025. [4] This means that instead of the current 70,000 mobile phone transmitters, there will be 700,000 or 800,000 transmitters. [5] [6] Per square meter there is currently one mobile phone transmitter. In future there will be 150 mobile phone transmitters per square meter.








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  • In der aktuellen Kundenzeitschrift der EnBW wird über den 5G Test in Ellwangen-Röhlingen berichtet.

    Die EnBW Tochter NetCom testet dort als erstes Unternehmen in Baden-Württemberg die neue 5G-Technologie.

    Haben Sie schon den Song zur neuen Song über 5G sich angehört????

    Wie gefällt Ihnen der Song?? Ich freue mich auf Ihre Antwort.

    Bildquelle: Pixabay

  • Liebe Petitionsunterstützer,

    jetzt haben wir neben unseren schriftlichen Darstellungen auch einen Song, der uns in unseren Aktivitäten gegen die "neue Mobilfunktechnologie 5G" musikalisch unterstützt.

    Wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn Sie uns kurz mitteilen würden, wie Ihnen der Song gefällt.
    Schreiben Sie uns eine Mail an:

    Vielen Dank für Ihre bisherige Unterstützung.

    Mit besten Grüßen
    Hermann-Josef Kracht
    Interessenvertretung 50Plus e.V.

  • Der Tagesspiegel hat am 13.01.2020 einen Beitrag der europäischen Journalistengruppe "Investigate Europe" veröffentlich, wo sehr genau und offen über die Herausforderung der neuen Mobilfunktechnologie 5G berichtet wird.

    Eine kurze Videoclip bringt die Punkt nochmals deutlich und verständlich ins Bewusstsein.

    Unter dem folgenden Link können Sie sich den Videoclip anschauen.

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  • 49 min. geleden

    I want to limit exposure to radioactive towers and cables or electromagnetic radiation and i do not want people to become ill or worse

  • 3 uur geleden

    Extremely important! I would love to support removing this harmful tool who is poisoning the whole world and create a better future for my kids.

  • 3 uur geleden

    This is dangerous to human health and it's a crime against humanity.

  • 4 uur geleden

    I love life

  • 6 uur geleden

    I'm signing because fuck this. stop trying to kill us! we can work together to build a better life!! stop the greed, stop the war, and stop the need for control you sick fucking bastards. how are your hearts so cold?

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