Farewell to Daylight Saving Time, We demand the abolition of daylight saving time.

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Introducing daylight saving time was a huge misunderstanding, which has tormented Europeans (and North Americans) for decades. The negative side effects far outweigh any theoretical economic advantages. We demand that this senseless DST procedure which is derogatory and abusive of human intelligence, be discontinued.


Our arguments: Time controls all our life processes therefore cannot be manipulated. Most of the clocks in our environment are set manually. To reset them takes valuable time. Mistakes cause havoc in our lives – lost contacts, missed trains, planes and appointments. Time change causes transportation disturbance and unnecessary loss of time for travelers and commuters. Devices with automatic time change that register real time events are losing cause and effect relation. Example: shot registered at 3:00 caused death at 2:01. Devices registering continuous processes (energy meters) have to be equipped with sophisticated systems to correct faults caused by the time change. Many people suffer physically because of time change. It is difficult to find someone who benefits from DST. Why do something which benefits no one but complicates life for every one? The European Parliament must consider this petition as soon as the number of signatures exceeds 1 million among 7 European countries. The EU Parliament is the only place where this useless DST procedure to manipulate time can be stopped. Our initiative can achieve this goal as this subject crosses political party lines is above national interests, but at the same time concerns all of us.

Thank you for your support, Miroslaw Jarocki from Swisttal
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