Open Letter to the EU demanding support for the Cultural and Creative Sectors in the COVID-19 crisis

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16.01.2022 г., 1:11

Liebe Unterstützende,
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30.06.2020 г., 0:04

The cause is still valid and important, especially because...
1.) the Covid-19 crisis isn't over yet;
2.) on the political level, funding for recovery is still being discussed;
3.) certain legislation processes on the EU level are still ongoing (e.g. Creative Europe programme 2021-27);
4.) is long-term solution to improve the overall situation of the cultural ecosystem is needed.

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06.04.2020 г., 17:49

покажи документ

We are happy to announce that more than 200 associations from the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS), representing over 1 million individual members, have signed our Open Letter that we will send to the EU Commission and the EU Member States tomorrow. You can find the detailed list attached.

This petition, of course, will go on... :)

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