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Create Fond and practical Help for the local Governments to improve the Water supply Situation

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8 supporters
2% achieved 500 for collection target
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  • Introduce a fond that supports local communes and villages with water shortages
  • Build a taskforce that follows a strict project management scheme to force needed improvement within the villages of bulgaria
  • Introduce or improve auditing in areas that are life-essential like water and electricity
  • Report transparently and openly on a website or via newsletter on issues and improvements
  • Introduce a law that forbids the disconnection of mains water without previous notice to the citisens
  • Introduce a law that allows legal action against mains providers if they are not meeting the status of bare minimum provision of vital services


For weeks our village is without constant water supply

The local governments seem to take no proper action to improve or don´t have the means to do so due to lack of skill, money or work power.

Old people and families are suffering.

Many have not washed themselves properly for 2 week at this stage.

Water can only be purchased in bottles.

Old people might have no money or means to even purchase water.

Water is a human right by UN resolution.

We are deprived of this right in many regions of this beautiful country!

Managing these issues is not happening competently and transparently

Thank you for your support, Citizens of c. Butovo from c.Бутово
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The situation in our village is dire. So many elderly people forced to carry heavy bottles of water in the winter as well pumps have been stored for the winter. Water is an essential for life and we are being treated like third class citizens for choosing to live in a village. Action must be taken immediately.

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