The implementation of the EKTER SA plan in Kolymbithres, Paros, must be prevented at all costs.

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2,510 supporters

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On Sunday, 28 August, we sent our rebuttal document, already signed at the time by 2.000 persons, to the Ministry of Environment's consultation, and to the local governance. It is impressive that more than 2000 persons had already supported the petition in just four days!


The petition will continue accepting signatures until mid-October. Sign it now in case you haven’t done it yet, and continue sharing it with your friends.


The next goal is to present all the collected signatures and comments to the local governance.

And stay alert, as this project is not the only one threatening the sustainable development of the island we love!


The Department of Urban Planning of the Ministry of the Environment issued an invitation on 29 July 2022, inviting the interested public to express in writing and in a sufficiently documented manner their views on the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and its accompanying documents for the Special Development Plan (SDP) prepared by EKTER S.A. for the area of its property in the region of Kolymbithres of the community of Naoussa Paros.

The SDP foresees the construction of a tourist complex with 440 beds and a total built-up area of 12,046 sqm on a total area of 327.84 strema owned by the company in Kolymbithres, one of the few undeveloped areas of Paros. This is a typical tourism investment for the construction of a large luxury resort.

The SEA of the investment, prepared in accordance with the law, attempts to present the investment, with unconvincing arguments, as being of moderate and strategic nature and in full compliance with the sustainable development framework set by European, national, and regional policies.

A detailed reading of the SEA reveals the reality. Rhetorical calls for sustainability without any concrete measures to integrate and support the sustainability perspective as defined by the above-mentioned policies.

A group of volunteers has worked on the Strategic Environmental Assessment and put all their objections into a rebuttal document that has been sent to the Ministry of Environment's consultation. Find it here: OBJECTIONS IN THE CONTEXT OF CONSULTATION ON THE SEA FOR EKTER'S SDP FOR THE REGION OF KOLYMBITHRES PAROS


Implementing this plan must be prevented at all costs, as it will only exacerbate considerably the serious problems Paros and other islands suffer due to overtourism.


Read HERE our documented objections to the Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Special Urban Plan of EKTEP SA in Kolymbithres of Paros.

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