STOP- business relations with Iran and enter into human rights negotiations.

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Dear Madam Chancellor,

Our appeal is to the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany to significantly reduce business relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and to enter into negotiations about the adherence to human rights.

Germany's economic cooperation is stabilizing the government and the corruption of the Iranian elite and therefore the discrimination of the Iranian population and their reasons to flee to Germany.

Christian churches, associations and federations with their thousands of employees and volunteers have selflessly acted in an emergency situation when refugees came to Germany from a variety of countries with various reasons for leaving their home. This engagement is being thwarted by placing economic interests above human rights leading to more people fleeing from Iran.

These people from Iran, Kurdistan, Afghanistan and Syria love their home country and would prefer to return to their families and friends as soon as possible. Source: https://www.proasyl.de/hintergrund/asyl-in-zahlen-2016/

We demand of the Federal Republic of Germany: - to reduce economic cooperation with the Iranian regime - to negotiate about the adherence to human rights and the release of converts, Sunnites, Baha'i, Dervish and dissenters from prison - to stop reasons for leaving Iran in the interest of Germany

Germany's current politics provide economic profits for Europe meanwhile fostering terrorism and reasons for flight. Please change the cooperation with Iran!

With your politics, support the safe return of Iranians living in Germany and the adherence to human rights for 80 million people living in Iran.


Amnesty International reports discrimination, impoverishment and exclusion of ethnic minority groups in Iran. Regions where minorities live are being economically neglected by the government. These ethnic groups lack drinking water, electricity, schools and health services. In those impoverished provinces illiteracy is very common with girls and the child mortality rate is very high. Source: https://www.amnesty.de/jahresbericht/2018/iran

Freedom of religion does not exist in Iran, not even for Muslims, but even less for Christians and other minorities like Baha'i, Dervish, people of another faith and dissenters.

In the World Watch List of Open Doors, which ranks countries by the intensity of persecution of Christians, Iran has taken a place in the top ranks for years and is currently in rank 10.Source: https://www.opendoors.de/christenverfolgung/weltverfolgungsindex/laenderprofile/2018/iran

Minorities are harshly oppressed and are suffering even more than the rest of the population. Thousands are in prison and are facing torture and execution.

Social injustice, suppression of women, corruption and the arbitrary use of power of authorities are present topics that the population is concerned about and that are restricting them. The judicial system is corrupt and arbitrary in its actions, as can be seen through the imprisonment of Maryam Rostampour and Marzieh Amiri, two Christian women with Muslim background who had been imprisoned for nine months and who are still suffering under the after effects. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vH_12pxMnM0

The annual revenues derived from petroleum business in Iran lie between 30 and 40 billion dollars. In addition with the annual revenues derived from the nuclear agreement, about 10 billion dollars, Iran gains between 40 and 50 billion dollars a year.

A big amount of that money is used for Syria, Iraq and the Yemen. The population of Iran scarcely profits from this money. It is used for the Islamization of Syria and the support of terrorist groups. 15 billion dollars a year sink into the construction and maintenance of military bases in Syria, the support of Islamic-terrorist groups like Hamas (Lebanon), Islamic Jihad (Palestine), Taliban, Shiite-Islamic militia in Iraq, Hezbollah in Lebanon, radical groups in Africa, Shiite political-military Houthi in Yemen, the construction of a missile factory in Yemen and the sending of Iranian troops to Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Nonetheless, the West keeps quiet, which encourages the Iranian regime to continue in their ways and grow their wealth. Source: Voice of America, Mehdi Falahhttp://donate.sidroth.org/site/R?i=sojvuj5fhaWMDbiMa1auWQ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdY34IjR1gM, https://www.rundschau-online.de/politik/korruption-iranische-elite-haeuft-vermoegen-an---usa-heizt-debatte-an-31038606

Thank you for your support

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Nach einem vereitelten Anschlag auf iranische Exil-Oppositionelle geht Frankreich gegen mutmaßliche Verantwortliche aus Teheran vor. Vermögen des iranischen Geheimdienstes sowie von zwei iranischen Staatsbürgern wurde eingefroren, wie aus einer am Dienstag im Amtsblatt veröffentlichten Mitteilung hervorgeht. Nach Angaben eines Diplomaten wirft Frankreich dem iranischen Geheimdienst vor, das Attentat „in Auftrag gegeben“ zu haben.

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