Prohibition of new printers with ink cartridges

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Considering the ban on single-use plastic, which I find very successful in terms of sustainability and environmental protection, the question arises why there is still no EU-wide ban on new devices with ink cartridges? Ink cartridges are manufactured in gigantic numbers and only contain a tiny amount of ink. In addition, consumers are literally forced to buy original ink cartridges, which are very overpriced and exceed the value of the actual printer after a few purchases. Since there are now printers available on the market from at least 3 well-known manufacturers with ink tanks that are refillable and that no longer require ink cartridges, it is time to issue a ban on the marketing of new printers with ink cartridges, i.e. without refillable tanks . Another source of plastic can thus be effectively avoided and it is easier for consumers to use other inks for refilling, and thus also save costs.


Who doesn’t know the constant changing of printer cartridges? Have you ever thought about how much plastic comes together over time? The picture shows 25 empty cartridges, together they weigh more than half a kilogram (677g). In any case, one could provide a huge celebration with disposable tableware with the amount of plastic. It should therefore only be allowed to sell printers that do without this plastic source and do without ink cartridges! There are now several printers whose tanks can be filled with freely chosen refill inks. A ban is intended to motivate manufacturers to consistently forego ink cartridges in the future. Existing devices and their replacement cartridges remain unaffected by this, as this would lead to unreasonable hardship towards the consumer!

Takk for støtten, Samuel Okon fra Selters
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  • Vienna

    før 3 møtes

    Too much plastic waste!

  • på 27.03.2021

    This petition is important to me because I want to protect the planet.

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