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Making seed savers register could slash the saving of seeds!

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Subscription period active - EU Commission has not yet taken decisions, petition is extended

1/16/22, 12:53 PM

Dear signatories,
More than 8500 supporters in most EU countries have learned about the petition and signed it. It is now also available in French and Dutch languages.

In December 2021, the EU Commission published a report on the evaluation of parts of the plant health legislation. Regarding the requirements for seed savers selling via webshops, to use plant passports and therefore register with the plant health authorities, the EU report leaves everything open, no decision was taken yet ! See

The next step is a discussion by the EU Ministers of Agriculture in their EU Council working party called AGRIFISH, probably in their meeting of 21 February 2022.
This gives us a bit more time
1. to collect signatures in your own countries, in your own language. If you have a network, please send an email, and we will arrange for a translation on the petition website. The signatures from the different language versions will then be added up by Openpetition.

2. In case you wish to get more active with your national ministry of agriculture: We could arrange an online meeting among us (English only, but slowly) to prepare for this, and learn about the EU plant health legislation, and how the issues that trouble the seed saving could be resolved. To participate, please quickly send an email! We will then fix a date among those interested.

The email address is

The petition is extended until 22 March and is now aiming at 15.000 signatures.

In Poland, a seed webshop has been closed. Sale is possible on the farm, see . Let’s strive for a change of EU policy!

Susanne Gura
Umbrella Association for Cultivated Plant and Breed Diversity in German-Speaking Countries
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