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Geblokkeerde initiatieven — Europese Unie

naar thema Buitenlands beleid

Deze initiatieven schenden onze Servicevoorwaarden . De initiatiefnemers hebben niet binnen de gestelde deadline een herziene versie ingediend. Om redenen van transparantie blijven de reden van de blokkering en de tekst van het initiatief zichtbaar. Tegen een blokkering kan niet geprotesteerd worden.

Stop de propagandacampagnes in India en leg het gebruik van nep-ngo's tegen andere landen bloot

Reden voor blokkering:

Petities met valse feiten, ontbrekende bronnen of met misleidende weglating van relevante feiten worden beëindigd. openPetition behoudt zich het recht voor om in betwiste gevallen achteraf bronnen op te vragen of essentiële feiten te laten aanvullen.

Please provide sources for the following statements: "Through a clandestine network of online news outlets, fake NGOs and phony websites, India has misled European institutions and its citizens through deliberate disinformation campaigns." "this deceitful network, its operator and affiliated online fake news platforms such as “EPtoday,” “EU Chronicles” and Asian News International (ANI) would send a strong message to the perpetrators and other actors involved propagating fake news and disinformation in the EU." "For fifteen years, India operated a network of online news outlets, NGOs and websites to spread fake news and false information at the UN and the EU to malign its adversaries, including Pakistan and China." "The network was organized and operated under the supervision of Ankit Srivastava through his India based Srivastava Group. The network’s operations in the EU and Geneva were controlled by Madi Sharma through her NGO Women’s Economic and Social Think Tank (WESTT). According to the EU DisinfoLab’s investigative report of December 9, 2020, online news outlets, including “EU Chronicles” and "EPtoday" operated fake news campaigns against Pakistan. ANI, which is the largest online new agency in India, amplified these fake news stories by feeding it to the mainstream Indian media. These online outlets impersonated to be the official EU media channels. "EPtoday" violated the ban imposed by the EU in 2019 and restarted its fake news operation under "EU Chronicles." India has exploited individual MEPs and used statements attributed to them as official position of the EU."

Verzoekschriften aan de EU in andere talen

Kein Krieg in Europa, weder in der Ukraine, noch anderswo!

Reden voor blokkering:

Petities met valse feiten, ontbrekende bronnen of met misleidende weglating van relevante feiten worden beëindigd. openPetition behoudt zich het recht voor om in betwiste gevallen achteraf bronnen op te vragen of essentiële feiten te laten aanvullen.

Bitte geben Sie Quellen für folgende Aussagen an: "...die andauernde Agitation gegen Russland wird die Energiepreise in Deutschland hochtreiben, Deutschland von nicht umweltfreundlichem US Fracking-Gas abhängig machen, zu toten Zivilisten nicht nur in der Ukraine führen und Europa, vielleicht die ganze Welt in einen nur von den Finanzeliten gewollten Krieg stürzen." "Russland zeigt keinerlei expansionistische Aktionen, es ist die NATO, die Truppen an den russischen Grenzen stationiert und damit zur Eskalation er Situation beiträgt."

Re-close EU borders to the US and start testing for COVID on temperature-controlled logistics goods

Reden voor blokkering:

Petities met valse feiten, ontbrekende bronnen of met misleidende weglating van relevante feiten worden beëindigd. openPetition behoudt zich het recht voor om in betwiste gevallen achteraf bronnen op te vragen of essentiële feiten te laten aanvullen.

Please provide your full name as initiatior of the petition as well as sources for the following statements: - "Since the EU added the U.S. to its list of safe countries on June, 18 , a new wave of Covid-19 infections has rapidly swept across the Europe. ECDC's latest weekly map shows that half of the EU and EEA have already been covered in orange, red and dark red." - "Currently, with Delta virus not yet under control, the new variant of "Lamda virus" has swept the US. The CDC spokesperson revealed that as of August 4, 2021, there have been more than 1,300 cases of Lambda in the US, and the variant has been confirmed in 44 US states. And the latest research proves that the new variant is 150 percent more resistant to antibodies (produced from vaccines)." - "Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the EU has been repeatedly ignored and misled. In addition to the fact that the US government has not mutually lifted its travel ban, it has also distributed a number of misleading messages to European countries." - "Apparently, the Europe has not really learned its lesson. Many EU member states, including Germany, still follow the US, even in mixed use of refrigerated trucks to transport food and Covid-19 victims. Since the outbreak, numerous refrigerated trucks had been reported to transport food after being used to preserve the bodies of COVID-19 patients in those hotspots in the US like New York City. The FDA even released a shocking guidance on May 12, 2020, mandating that refrigerated food transport vehicles and refrigerated food storage units used for the temporary preservation of human remains during the COVID-19 pandemic subsequently can be safely used for food transport and food storage after thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting." - "Moreover, Germany scientists made a study on the infectivity of deceased COVID-19 patients and found that corpses of deceased COVID-19 patients have to be considered potentially infective for more than 2 weeks post mortem under typical cooling conditions. Besides, researchers from Singapore and Ireland have proved that “SARS-CoV-2 on chicken, salmon and pork pieces can survive for more than 21 days at 4°C (standard refrigeration) and –20°C (standard freezing)” and “contaminated imported food can transfer virus to workers as well as the environment”. Hence,The coronovirus left in those vehicles and units is very likely to spread further across the United States, Europe and even around the world through contaminated frozen food or food packaging. The WHO also confirmed in its report, issued on 30 March 2021, that "SARS-CoV-2 has been found to persist in conditions found in frozen food, packaging and cold-chain products" and “it can be carried long distance on cold-chain products”. Prior to this, Ph.D Lakshmi Supriya also published the article SARS-CoV-2 can spread through cold-chain transport online, calling for "in light of growing evidence, SARS-CoV-2 virus transmission via contaminated surfaces, and in particular, frozen foods and products that are transported while keeping them at low temperatures, should be taken into account when devising prevention strategies ". - "A recent study showed that individuals infected with Delta had viral loads up to 1,260 times higher than those in people infected with the original strain. The combination of a high number of viruses and a short incubation period makes sense as an explanation for Delta’s heightened transmissibility, says epidemiologist Benjamin Cowling at the University of Hong Kong. In this context, virus transmission through contaminated frozen food and temperature-controlled logistics must be taken seriously."

Against any kind of asyl quota

Reden voor blokkering:

Petities die de vrije, democratische basisorde schenden of willen afschaffen, worden beëindigd. Petities die oproepen tot haat en geweld of die de misdaden van het nationaal-socialisme goedkeuren, ontkennen of bagatelliseren, zullen worden beëindigd. Verzoekschriften die de basiswet in twijfel trekken of de strafrechtelijke aansprakelijkheid van het aanzetten tot haat in twijfel trekken, worden beëindigd. Petities gericht tegen de Europese mensenrechtenverdragen of het internationaal recht worden beëindigd.

Ja zum Brexit - Unterstützen wir die Engländer durch den Kauf von englischen Waren

Reden voor blokkering:

Petities met directe of indirecte reclame voor eigen producten, diensten of partijen, zullen worden beëindigd. Petities met directe of indirecte reclame voor partijen zijn toegestaan als de partij zelf met de petitie is begonnen. Petities van sympathisanten of leden van een partij die directe of indirecte reclame voor partijen bevatten, zijn niet toegestaan.

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