Dear Chancellor!

Many volunteer helpers in Austria are working hard to integrate refugees. They are upset and appalled by the decisions of the asylum authorities. Refugee families who enriched and participated in the community and life of churches for years are frightened by the threat of deportation. Stop the deportation of religious refugees who are threatened with death in their country of origin because of their Christian faith!


Formerly muslim refugees who have joined Christian churches are accused of false conversions in courts in Upper Austria. Judges disregard the right of free choice of faith and generally doubt the integrity of church integration work. The few hours a court interrogated an asylum seeker are disproportionately more important than the years of experience with this asylum seeker that dedicated people in churches have collected. This is factually not appropriate since judges aren’t experts in matters of faith. The experience of committed integration workers must be given a higher consideration in the asylum procedure! Make sure that the intercession of friends, co-workers, neighbors, priests, and pastors has a proper weight in asylum procedures! Stop the deportation of our brothers and sisters!

On behalf of all signatories.

Thank you for your support, Christian Smutny from Steyr
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