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Within the framework of law and due diligence, numerous (see below) Greek Communities/Organisations/Fraternities in Germany join forces and ask for your signature:

  1. The immediate restoration of Hagia Sophia's museum status in a World Heritage Site monument.
  2. The weekly opening of the temple for Christian worship.

The whole world watched paralyzed by Turkey's shameful act of turning Hagia Sophia into a mosque. This is clearly an act of barbarism against humanity. Turkey shows no respect to the international community and nostalgically the Ottoman reminisces in terms of Neo-Ottomanism.


The Hagia Sophia, which became a museum in 1934 as part of its Europeanization of the then newly founded Turkey and was welcomed by all European countries, was raised to World Heritage status in 1985 under the patronage of UNESCO and under the 1972 Convention. This was welcomed by the whole world, because this act eventually passed into the history of mankind, which belongs to everyone. Hagia Sophia is an absolut symbol of Christianity. Awaiting for your kindly support:

  • Greek community Waiblingen e.V.
  • Hellenic Community of Berlin e.V.
  • Greek community Gütersloh e.V.
  • Greek community Giengen / Brenz e.V.
  • Rüsselsheim Greek community
  • Greek community Filderstadt e.V.
  • Greek community Heilbronn e.V.
  • Greek community of Göppingen
  • Greek community Gaildorf e.V.
  • Greek community Gerlingen e.V.
  • Greek community Fürth e.V.
  • Greek community Bühlertal e.V.
  • Greek community Ehingen e.V.
  • Greek community Darmstadt e.V.
  • Greek community in Augsburg e.V.
  • Association of Macedonians in Berlin e.V.
  • M.Alexandros- Greek Macedonia Association in Nuremberg a. Environment e.V.
  • Association of Cretans in Berlin and Brandenburg, 'I Megalonissos' e.V.
  • Federation of Greek parents and legal guardians in Baden-Württemberg e.V.
  • Confederacy of parents and legal guardians in Germany (representing 61 associations across Germany)
Thank you for your support, from Waiblingen
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  • 9 days ago

    First: I see injustice - the temple was built as a Christian church and turning it to a mosque was a wrong decision. Second: this may lead to further clashes between people who practice the 2 religions, as a feedback - some mosques in western countries can be turned into churches - this will again cause conflicts. Third: this masterpiece of Byzantian architecture should be protected - keeping it in the status of a museum was perfect, but now, when it became a mosque - it is in a vulnerable state. If someone starts arguing and asking what religion I practice: I was born Muslim, but since I am an educated person and do not have any prejudices+respect all religions, I think it is totally wrong to turn Hagia Sophia into a mosque.

  • on 29 Jul 2020


  • on 26 Jul 2020

    Η Αγία Σοφία είναι εκκλησία χριστιανική και έτσι πρέπει να παραμείνει.


  • on 26 Jul 2020


  • on 25 Jul 2020

    Because Im a greek orthodox and I cannot see this happening. I want to support the Agia Sofia and Konstantinoupoli!!

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